When you wear a piece of Dakota Moon jewelry what you see and feel is a reflection of an old soul.

Diana Contine infuses her original designs with crosscurrents of culture, time and place, body and soul, to create wearable art that transcends the whim of fashion.

From the organic flourish of Art Nouveau to the tactile earthiness of tribal beadwork, from the high-tech sculpted precious metals to recycled antique glamour, Diana draws from the familiar to the sublime and the result is beautiful, wearable, timeless jewelry.

Diana’s training in fine art design took her from her native St. Louis, Missouri to Eastern Michigan University and the American College of London where she earned her BS in Design. She went on to study Millinery at Moore College of Design in Philadelphia and then California and to the south of France and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to continue her studies in the field of jewelry design.

Diana is a state juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen with juried status in both jewelry and fiber. She is also a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths and a certified instructor in the PMC Guild. She teaches jewelry design and techniques extensively throughout New England and in her studio.

Initially successful designing original clothing and home furnishings, Diana has turned her focus to jewelry design. An adventurous sense of color and an eye for combining unexpected textures hallmarks Dakota Moon designs. Incorporating a range of materials from precious gems and metals to semi-precious beads and ethnic elements assures that there is an irresistible piece of Dakota Moon jewelry in every price range.

Besides an unerring eye for design, Diana’s work is also imbued with a deep sense of respect and affection for the Divine feminine. This alchemy of gems, crystals, color, movement, symbol and talisman resonates with Diana’s intention to balance and wholeness. These pieces are far more that the wearable art, they are meditations on the spirit of beauty.

Dakota Moon design manages to walk between the worlds of ancient wisdom and modern trend. Reflecting old-world Europe, the urban heat of NYC and Philly, and the gently Bucks County countryside where Diana lives and works.

A Dakota Moon design speaks to the “life traveler” in all of us.